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X | The Theme for WordPress
  1. This is an incredible value! The best theme on the market, nearly 30 premium plugins, 24/7 support, free updates, and a community that is second to none. You get all of that (and more). X is THE BEST DEAL in ALL of WordPress!
  2. X is a product you can standardize your business around – hundreds of thousands already have. 2021 marks the 9th year we’ve been working on X. We’re in it for the long run!
  3. There are over 100,000 searchable forum posts, answers, and articles about all aspects of using our products.
  4. We’re professional friendly (around 60% of our customers are professionals and build sites for a living). We’re beginner friendly (about 40% of our customers are DlYers or small business owners).
  5. Access several full-site demos that include multiple pages, images, content, and more! The theme itself has four unique design styles, optimized for performance (think of it like four themes built into one).
  6. Just a few of our recent features: Updated user experience – A modern and beautiful canvas for building in WordPress. Start Screen – Get building fast with multiple options. Loopers – You have to see to believe. Inline Editing – Edit text right in the preview. Template Manager – Reuse your design assets. Dynamic Content – Output dynamic content directly on the page. Global Blocks – Design site wide content that is managed in one place. Dark Mode – Slick new dark interface. Undo/Redo -Action history. Custom Fonts – Add the perfect look to your site. V2 Elements – Never before seen (and native) customization options. Role Manager -Control who has access to what. Simple/Advanced Mode – Great for teams S. clients. Plus much more!
  7. We are ThemeForest’s fastest selling product of all time with over $1,000,000 sold in our first six months! No product released since X has sold more.
  8. Most of our team have been with us for years and are available 24/7/365 to support our customers. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, and you should too.
  9. Updates are free for both X and our Extensions. We release new features often, and each License allows you to validate both a staging and production URL.
  10. Your purchase includes nearly 30 additional premium plugins including support.
X Theme For WordPress
X Theme for wordpress
X Theme element API
X | The Theme for WordPress
X | The Theme for WordPress
X | The Theme for WordPress
X | The Theme for WordPress

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